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Volume: 100ml to 500ml
55mm*90mm(with cap height)
Raw Material: 
 High Quality Glass
 Spray color+silk-sceen printing logo
1,000 pcs for ready in stock; 3,000 pcs for customized product
Samples:  Free(1 to 2 pcs)
Express cost:  According to your address.


Our goal is to provide the best quality and design products in the market at the most reasonable price to meet the changing market conditions. This diffuser bottle is all black, with clear grain of wood cover and black paint spraying, which can show its texture better. Bottle body and cap are square, more outline sense, let you feel the air thoroughly, then your heart is no longer a mess, immediately dispersed, clear, relaxed. For the Logo part, we use gold, because black and gold is the most high-grade color in the world. We can provide gift box packaging, if you want to customize your LGOO on our bottle, please feel free to contact me and let us help you develop your career together!

If you are interested in this product, you are welcome to contact me directly.

As a professional glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, we can produce clients’ own shape bottle, welcome to inquire us in any time.

Contact: Shirley
Email: [email protected]
We Chat/Whatsapp/TEL/Skype: 0086 166-8800-3718

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