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  • Product Description
  • Product name: 120ml Petite Embossed Electroplated Glass Jar
  • Capacity: 120ml
  • Size: 66.6*52.6mm(Manual measurement, there may be errors)
  • Weight: 135g
  • Material: High white glass
  • Lid: Colorful lids
  • Color: White/Grey/Red/Orange/Purple/Customized
  • Surface/Texture: Frosting, Decal, Color coating, Spray color, etc
  • Sample: Free Sample, Freight Paid by Buyers
  • Usage: Great for different purpose, as DIY candle making, storage etc.

This empty glass candle jar is suitable for filling with scented candles. When you light the candle, the flame illuminates the delicate relief and the beautiful colors flicker. The unique relief glass jar candle making is a wonderful choice for your own use or business.

Reusable: When the candle inside is burned out, the jar can also be used to store crafts and other small items. JL GLASS is a professional custom glass bottle maker, welcome inquiry us to custom make your own shaped glass jars.

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