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Amber Serum bottle

» Amber Serum bottle

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Material Borosilicate glass
Volume 1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml
Bottle color Clear, amber, blue, or custom
Cap style Dropper
Service spray/label printing/silk-screen printing/decal printing and other surface handling according to the customer’s requirement
Use for Perfume oil, serum, essential oil, etc…



  • The 1ml sample dropper bottle is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, with a tight seal, no need to worry about leakage. Not easily to scratches, or breaking. Safe, secure, and convenient packaging.
  • Easy to use and portable to carry, great for daily use and travel, to meet your needs in life.
  • Easy to fill. Carefully selected corrosion-resistant glass which makes our small dropper bottles anti-shock. The screw thread finish bottle mouth is matched with a gold cap, which fits tightly and can prevent any liquid leakage.
  • Perfect for essential oils, spices, cosmetics packaging, aromatherapy oils, liquid containers, potions, liquids, sample displays, electronic juices, laboratory tests, etc. or you would like to share or give as a gift.


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