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Aroma diffuser bottle

» Aroma diffuser bottle

  • Product Description
  • Volume: 50ml、 100ml、200ml or customize
  • Made of:Crystal white glass ,
  • Use for: Fragrance、Aromatherapy  packing
  • Color:  Purple/mauve/orange/rose/smoky gray/green
  • Packing: Carton then  pallet
  • Weight:200g
  • MOQ: 2,00 pcs
  • Samples: Free if  in stock


The aromatherapy bottle includes a bottle cap and a bottle body for placing aromatherapy. A metal frame is set at the mouth of the bottle body. The metal frame is provided with a through hole communicating with the bottle mouth. And the high-temperature-resistant ceramic mandrel whose head diameter matches the through hole passes through the bottle mouth and the through hole of the metal frame from bottom to top.

This reed diffuser bottle is made of crystal white g;lass,high transparent and quality, The  design of the bottle body is different from the conventional aromatherapy bottle type, which makes your packaging stand out from the conventional packaging.

In addition, I suggest to choose a delicate box, we can also provide it to you. If you are interested, please send me your logo and design and we can show you a rough outline.

Aroma bottle MOQ is very small, you can send an inquiry to us for your reference. We also have other types about diffuser bottle, perfume bottle, cosmetic bottle, candle jar, wine bottle, coffee bottle and so on. You can contact me for catalogue.

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