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Volume:5ml 、10ml or customize
Cap: Aluminum cap 、Plastic cap、Bamboo cap
Use For:  Essential oil ,Perfume,cosmetic ,fragrance oil Packing
Material:High white Glass
Logo/design:  Silk printing logo,hot stamping , 1 color or 2 colors
Pack:  Carton or pallet
MOQ:  3,000 pcs


The glass roller bottle is a common cosmetic container, and its use is as follows:

1. Open the cap and take out the glass roll-on bottle.

2. Press on the cap to expose the glass roller.

3. Gently roll the glass roller over the desired area.

4. If you need to reapply, you can continue to roll the glass roller, or re-pour the liquid if needed.

5. Be careful not to roll the glass ball too hard to avoid liquid spillage or damage to the ball.

6. After use, please close the cap tightly and store in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight or high temperature environment.

The Colorful jade ball White plastic Lids Gemstone Glass Essential Oil Roller bottle suitable for the custom logo, with the Aluminum 、Plastic cap.It is a mature jade ball roller bottle, This product is sold to various countries in Europe and America and is welcomed by consumers , Welcome contact us if you interested, we also can custom produce for you. small order is possible, wait you .

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