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B0ttle Volume: 5ml
Raw Material: borosilicate glass
Surface: Decal printing, silk-screen printing, hot stamping, polished, label… customized
MOQ: 10,000 pcs for ready-in-stock; 3,000 pcs for customized product
Samples: Sample is Free, we only charge the shipping freight



The small glass spray bottle with a colorful sprayer is perfect for storing and dispensing liquids such as essential oils, perfumes, and toners. The 5ml volume allows for easy portability and makes it convenient to take your favorite liquids with you wherever you go.

The glass material also helps to maintain the integrity of the liquid, preventing any chemicals from leaching into the product and ensuring the purity of the liquid.

The colorful nozzle adds a pop of personality and style to the otherwise simple design of the bottle. It also prevents confusion and makes it easy to differentiate between bottles that may contain similar liquids.


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