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Diffusorflasche aus Glas

» Diffusorflasche aus Glas

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Kapazität: 100m 、150ml oder anpassen
Material: Kristallweißes Glas
Benutzt für: Duft,Parfüm,diffuser
Oberfläche: Deko/Heißprägung/Siebdruck/Etikettierung… individuell
Verpackung: Karton, dann Palette
Zertifikat: ISO
Proben: frei


Das reed diffuser glass bottle have clear color in stock, small order will be acceptable. multicolored looks more beautiful and luxury, can provide your product value. For clear color more sample, can customized any color you like, whatever which color, all can print your logo or sticker on the bottle, can help you increase your brand value.

High quality and durable:

Fashion elegant style thickended bottle body, crystal clear for transparent jar, return to the ancients for colorful bottle. Made with high strength good diffusal performance. You can put this champignon in your house, Büro, meeting room, Hotel, and also can be a gift to your friends.

Als Profi Aromatherapie-Glasflasche Hersteller und Lieferant, we can produce clients’ own shape bottle, welcome to inquire us in any time.

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Email: sales2@baolinglass.com

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