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Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

» Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

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Kapazität : 100ml

Farbe: blue , red, clear

Proben: Available

Verpackung: carton then pallet packing

Using: Perfume personal care

Material: Glas

Deckel: sprayer

Place: shandong China

Design and logo printing: Available

As a leading glass bottle manufacturer in China, we have produced more than 2,000 glass bottles for the international market, mainly the United States and Canada. Mainly used in beverages, cosmetics, crafts and pharmaceuticals. Custom-shaped bottles are also available for ordering. Welcome to inquire us directly via email or whatsapp.

Kontakt: Zoe

Email: sales2@baolinglass.com

TEL/Wir chatten/WhatsApp:+0086-199-537-83290


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