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Flasche mit ätherischen Ölen aus Glas

» Kosmetikflasche aus Glas » Flasche mit ätherischen Ölen aus Glas

10ml galvanisierte Gold-UV-Parfümflasche, Lotion, feuchtigkeitsspendende Sprühflasche

Flasche mit ätherischen Ölen aus Glas, Parfümflasche aus Glas , ,

The screw thread finish bottle mouth is matched with a unique cap, die fest sitzt und ein Austreten von Flüssigkeit verhindern kann.

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Perfume bottles are an important factor in determining Parfüm sales. Our perfume bottle is made of high-quality crystal glass with UV plating process, which makes the perfume bottle more unique. This shape is very suitable for the needs of the Middle East and Muslim countries. Perfume bottles have different capacities, this perfume bottle is 10ml, and large-capacity perfume bottles can also be produced according to customer requirements. Parfümflaschen are in stock, and small orders can be purchased, and we can arrange delivery within three days to save production time. If customers want to customize patterns or logos, we have our own designers who can help customers complete the design and then proceed to production. You can put your trust in us, because in the production of perfume bottles we process various brands and develop new perfume bottle formats. Shown below are our contact details.

Email: sales5@baolinglass.com
TEL/Skype: 0086 199-5371-0952

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