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Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

» Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

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There are 15ml 30ml 50ml for the white gradient glass cosmetic dropper bottles with spray pump/lotion pump. The high-quality glass material provides durability and protection for the contents inside, such as essential oil, serum, gel, Lotion, shampoo, usw.

The bottle comes with a spray pump and lotion pump, which allows for easy and convenient dispensing of the product. Leakproof and reusable. Widely used in skincare and aromatherapy. The design of long tubes can make the best use of your product without wasting it.

The white gradient design adds a touch of sophistication to the packaging, making it an attractive choice for many cosmetic and skincare brands. Overall, this glass dropper bottle is a practical and visually appealing option for those looking to package and market their cosmetic or skincare products.

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