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30ml Cylindrical Supper Flint Glass Spray Bottle for perfume

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1 Oz/30ml or 60ml 100ml Perfume Atomizer Fine Mist Spray Bottle Portable Glass Sprayer Bottle for Fragrance Colognes, Sample order is possible, willkommen anfrage uns per e-mail.

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Der 30mL cylindrical super flint Glas sprühen Flasche Ist A great tool for dispensing liquid, spray water, Parfüm, cleaning solutions, oder other liquids. Es Ist gemacht von highquality flint Glas Zu ensure its durability und transparency. Es features A tightsealing lid mit A pressuresensitive sprühen nozzle that allows you Zu easily und evenly distribute liquids. Der wide mouth opening allows for easy filling und cleaning, making Es Die perfect choice for home und cosmetic use. Das Flasche Ist ideal for any need, aus spritzing plants Zu applying face masks oder cleaning products.

Kapazität: 1Unze / 30 ML, we also can make others volume such as 60ml or 100ml, which also are popular items in cosmetic industry.

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