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Parfümflasche aus Glas

» Parfümflasche aus Glas

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Thick, heavy, square glass perfume bottle with a high-end look and fashional design. Perfect for storing your perfume, cologne, aftershave, makeup remover, usw.

Kapazität: 50ml (1.69 Unze)

Farbe: Black cap and clear bottle

Material: Black Plastic caps, a glass bottle made of thick, sturdy flint glass, and a metal atomizer that provides a fine spray mist.
Leak Proof & BPA Free: Our empty perfume bottle is made from high-quality thick glass, 100% BPA Free and durable. The nozzle is tightly fitted, you don’t worry about it breaking or leaking.
Application: suitable for travel, business trip, gym, party, skincare, etc.… Good for you to carry or organize your different fragrances.

Kontakt: Emilia Gao
Email: sales1@baolinglass.com
Tel/WhatsApp:+86 132 800 38 506

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