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Lebensmittelflasche aus Glas

» Lebensmittelflasche aus Glas

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In Stock Honey bottle edible bird’s nest glass jar with cap


Kapazität: 120ml 180ml 280ml
Material: Glas
Verwendung: honey and jam etc
Oberfläche: Deko/Heißprägung/Siebdruck/Etikettierung… individuell
Verpackung: Karton, dann Palette
Zertifikat: ISO
MOQ: 1,000 Stck
Proben: frei


Eigenschaften :

It is made of crystalline glass, the bottle looks bright, and the unique bear bottle design, very cute and beautiful, it is very suitable for wedding gifts or holiday gifts. The Bottle size from 120m to 280ml, can suitbale for travel or home use, and also can customized the logo or different color.

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