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Parfümflasche aus Glas

» Parfümflasche aus Glas

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Kapazität: 30ml

Größe: 2.9*12.2cm

Deckel: atomizer spray cap

Farbe: silver or gold

Material: Glas



The classy portable perfume bottle is made of stylish glass that makes it a perfect gift as well as an elegant decor for your vanity, the glossy, metal atomizer provides a fine spray mist. You can fill not only fragrance like perfume (oil) and cologne, but also rose water, toner, aftershave or any kind of liquid facial beauty water.

Das spray bottle easy to carry and refillable, you can put it in your bags. Widely use for essential oils, air fresheners, Parfüme, room sprays, hair spray bottle, body sprays, pillow mist, Aromatherapie, toner, DIY beauty products and other mixtures.

Das Parfümflasche suitable for home, Büro, daily use, travel, party, vacation, etc.. It’s a good gift for family, friend, colleague, lover, parents and so on.


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