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Kapazität: 12ml

Größe: 9*4cm

Deckel: crystal cap and glass rod

Verwendung: lady perfume or ätherisches Öl

Proben: provide free sample



Crystal sapphire bejeweled empty vintage perfume bottle with hand-painted golden enamel, looks expensive and luxury.

It’s not a perfume atomizer spray bottle but has a glass dropper inside for application in perfume, Duft,cologne,Lotion,toner,ätherisches Öl,Wasser,etc..

Great decorative glass bottle for your bathroom,vanity table,dressing tables,mirror tray display,bookshelf,etc..

Perfect gift choice on Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day,Weihnachten,Birthday or any other occasions.

Travel size reusable little perfume container,portable and convenient to put in your bag and carry out.


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