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Material: Vaso
Capacidad: 30ml/50ml/100ml
MOQ: 500pcs
Cover color: pink/gold/silver/black/blue/red/yellow, etc..
Product use: perfume/disinfectant/reagent/high -grade perfume/lotion/air fresh agent, etc..
Product process: Monte/electroplating/coating/spray/silk printing and other processes
Product details:
1. Quality outer cover, bright and translucent, high -end outer cover, electrical aluminum, and plastic cover custom
2. The quality presses the pump, the press is easy, the seal is strong, and the spray is delicate
3. Anti -leak -proof buckle bottle port, use disposable bottle mouth to be more hygienic without leakage
4. Quality bottle body, high -end thickened glass material, solid protection and wear resistance

Como profesional botella de vidrio fabricante y proveedor, podemos producir la botella de forma propia de los clientes, bienvenido a consultarnos en cualquier momento.

Contacto: ventilador ventilador
Email: [email protected]
TEL / Charlamos / Whatsapp:+86 16688003718

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