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Capacidad del producto: 30g/50g/30ml/50ml/80ml/100ml/120ml/150ml
Material: Vaso
Custom Service: Galvanoplastia, Frosting, Spraying, Estampado en caliente, Silkscreen printing


1. los cosmetic container set is made of high-quality frosted glass and plastic pump heads, is sturdy, durable, Respetuoso del medio ambiente, Sin BPA, and can be used securely.
2. Lightweight and easy to fill with skin care products, fácil de llevar en un bolsillo o equipaje, durable and Anti-shock, Prueba de fugas, and shatterproof, and can be cleaned with soap and water.
3. Ideal For filling with foundations, sueros, cremas, lociones, cremas hidratantes cosméticos, and other skincare products.

As a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we can customize and produce clients’ own shape bottles, we welcome inquiries anytime.

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