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Botella de licor de vidrio

» Botella de licor de vidrio

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Capacidad: 5ml 7ml 10ml 12ml 17ml 20ml 25ml

Diámetro: 22mm

Gorra: screw wooden cap

Color: clear and amber

OEM: color or logo customize

Muestra: muestras gratis


Bottle features:

This regulated botella de vidrio is made of high borosilicate material, which is non-toxic, tasteless and highly transparent. It has extremely high hardness and high temperature resistance.

Esta botella de vidrio de tubo suitable for store medicines, bebidas, red wine and tea, the bottle cap is made of bamboo material and equipped with a high-pressure sensitive gasket, which makes the bottle more airtight and less prone to moisture.

The amber color can effectively prevent the entry of ultraviolet rays and prolong the storage time of items. Además, este botella de vidrio is also small and convenient, which can be easily carried, providing more convenience for your life.


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