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Flacon de sérum ambré

» Flacon de sérum ambré

  • Description du produit
Matériel Verre
Le volume 30ml 45ml
Couleur de la bouteille Clair, ambre, bleu, or custom
Modèle de casquette Compte-gouttes
Un service spray/label printing/silk-screen printing/decal printing and another surface handling according to the customer’s requirement
Utiliser pour Perfume oil, sérum, huile essentielle, etc…


  • Thick Glass: Made from high-quality, durable clear glass, your contents will be well protected and preserved. The caps give an airtight seal and are leakproof so they won’t spill any of the contents. Glass bottles are much safer than plastic bottles.
  • Skull Glass Dropper Bottle: The glass bottle is fitted with a built-in rubber bulb dropper cap, which can precisely add one or two drops of bitterness to your cocktail.
  • Travel Size: Portable, rechargeable; perfect size for the purse, poche, sac à dos, Sac à main, ou bagages.
  • USAGE: These bottles are perfect for storing a multitude of different liquids/solutions.Ideal for just about all of your cosmetic liquids that require small and accurate doses-only achievable with a dropper bottle.


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