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Flacon de parfum en verre

» Flacon de parfum en verre

  • Description du produit

Le volume: 5ml 10 ml

Casquette: bouchon de pulvérisation

Couleur: clear or according your request

OEM: support print logo or label customize

Échantillon: Échantillons gratuits


Caractéristiques de la bouteille:

Ce bouteille d'échantillon de parfum is made of high-quality glass, which is very strong and durable without affecting the taste of the perfume.

Ce bouteille de parfum design is very stylish and simple, with a square bottle and a label logo, which is very aesthetic and quality.

En outre, we also provide you with spraying in different colors, which can be distinguished according to different fragrances.

Ce perfume vials have two sizes of 5ml and 10ml, which are very convenient to carry, and you can easily enjoy the aroma while traveling. The reusability of the bottle is very strong, it can be opened and closed, it is easy to add perfume or wash, very environmentally friendly and practical.


Contact: Wenny

Whatsapp: 008615563788572


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