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Garrafa De Vidro

» Garrafa De Vidro

  • Descrição do Produto

Volume: 100/150/180/280/380/500/750ml

Tampa: aluminum screw lid

Amostra: free samples are acceptable

OEM: support logo or color customization

MOQ: generally have many in stock, can delivery within 3-5days


Características da garrafa:

Primeiro, esse glass honey bottle is made of high-white glass material, which is not only white and elegant in color, but also has higher transparency, which is convenient for users to observe the contents of the bottle at any time and grasp the inventory status at any time.

em segundo lugar, the glass material has excellent sealing and anti-oxidation performance, which can better protect the honey stored inside, while the aluminum cover has high corrosion resistance, which can effectively prolong the storage life of honey.

Além disso, esse pote de mel has a variety of capacities to choose from, which can meet the needs of different users, and can be widely used in many places such as homes and restaurants.

Finally, esse garrafa de vidro can also be used as a creative wedding gift, providing unique gift options for the couple. It is worth mentioning that this honey glass bottle can not only store honey, but also can be used as an ideal choice for storing pickles, cans, spices and many other items.


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