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Стеклянная бутылка для воды/чашка

» Стеклянная бутылка для воды/чашка

Cup Cover for Drink Spiking Prevention Safe my Cup Cover Condoms

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It's convenient cup condoms for drinks with straw hole disposable, could prevent the pills or powder, make you safe when you are in bar.

  • Описание товара

The drink cover made from natural latex, which could prevent pills, порошок, dust, or other objects from entering your drink, when you hangout at large parties, бары, or clubs! It’s popular drink covers for alcohol or juice drinks protection, could fits most cups, can, and glasses, it’s versatile and usual size fit all containers.

Our drink covers is made of latex, it is small and disposable, there is a hole in the cover, could use the straw.

We also could print your logo on the cover, and packed with the foil sachet, and there are different colors for the sachet. приветствуем запрос нам по электронной почте.

  • MOQ: 2000штук
  • Логотип: accept to print in one color
  • пакет: foil sachet

Welcome to inquiry us if you need own label my cup condom , MOQ only 2000 единицы, so easy to has own cover products: Эл. адрес: sales@baolinglass.com

What’s app: 0086 15666923065

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