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Jar na Kandila ng Salamin

» Jar na Kandila ng Salamin

  • Paglalarawan ng Produkto

150ml 350ml 750ml mataas na kalidad na baso ng mabangong candle cup

150ml size:taas: 11.5cm/Diameter: 6cm

350ml size:taas: 15cm/Diameter: 7.5cm

750ml size:taas: 18.5cm/Diameter: 9cm

color:Any color can be customized

Proseso: Silk screen printing, mainit na panlililak, mainit na pilak, pagyelo, mga decal, atbp.

Paglalarawan ng Produkto:

1.Our candle cups are made of high-quality thick glass, you don’t have to worry about the candle cups breaking when you use it, and it has a long burning time, providing you with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

2.Our candle cups have airtight lids that thoughtfully protect the heat and smoke generated when the wick burns from escaping and polluting the environment. Kasabay nito, our candle cup lid can also effectively reduce the oxygen entering when the candle wick is burning, prolong the burning time, and let you enjoy the warmth of the scented candle for a longer time.

3.Our glass scented candle cups are available in different capacities, suitable for different occasions. Our products also have beautiful and functional designs, making them perfect as household items to fit into your home decor style.


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