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Glass Perfume Bote

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Used for: Perfume bottle, Cream sa Pangangalaga sa Balat, Personal na Pangangalaga

Bottle Cap: white plastic fine mist spray cap

Bottle material: glass material spray bottle

Bottle capacity: 2.5ml 3ml 5ml 8ml 10ml

Bottle MOQ:3,000mga pcs

Lugar ng Pinagmulan: ShanDong China

Kulay ng bote: clear transparent graduated bottle

Wholesale Vial 2.5ml 3ml 5ml spray glass cosmetic bote ng pabango
It‘s easy and convenient filling; No need to bring a full bottle of lotion on the day of going out,

Glass tube bote ng pabango which Mini and portable, perfect for storing some essential oils, pabango, makeup sprays, mouthwash, and many many more
Great for traveling, take them to the gym, on a date,make up,or use it as perfume sample bottle it’s a good chooice for you

We can customize bottle printing colorsilk screen logo、mainit na panlililak、decal process etcsend to us your inquirywe will provide more details for you,waiting you,

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