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VOLUME: 220ml
MATERIAL: Glass jar,
COLOR: Clear jar
USES: Make homemade candles, use for arts and crafts, home decor, or storage
Whether you are a seasoned candle-maker or a beginner – this set of glass candle jars is perfect for making candles at home or as votive candle holders. Sell your homemade candles or gift them for holidays and special occasions.

These are perfect for office or home decor. The color glass with lid will match any style. Elegant and simple, these jars are sturdy and long-lasting. You can reuse them repeatedly for years to come or even repurpose them into kitchen storage containers. Impress your friends and family by giving them your homemade candles in a gift basket. Glass makes it easy to attach (and remove) your own personal labels.

However, you can also use these jars for beauty products or other bathroom essentials. We have provided labels for these jars if you would like to use them for storage.

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As a professional glass bottle supplier, we have made 2000pcs kinds of glass bottles, mainly using for cosmetic packing (perfume , essential oil, oud oil, Lotion cream), Beverage (juice and …), food storage jars , wine whisky, Glass Candle Jar, vodka and so on.

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