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Material: Crystal white glass
Größe: 100g 150g 200g
Deckel: PP inner gasket seal + screw bamboo cap
Surface processing: LOGO screen printing, Heißprägen, Glasur, painting, decal, laser engraving.
Probe: Frei

The cosmetic cream jar is made of super flint glass, with pp gaskets seal, and a natural bamboo lid. So you don’t worry about the sealed storage problem of your cosmetic products. Our jar can long-term storage.

Auch, Die glass cream jar with heavy bottoms will be safer for you to use the products. It’s not easy to slip and not easy to break.

The clear and frosted color sells well in North America and Europe, if you are interested welcome to contact us at any time.

Kontakt: Emilia Gao
Email: sales1@glass-bottle.com/jlglassbottle1@gmail.com
Tel/WhatsApp: 0086 132 800 38 506

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