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500ml Hdpe Sanitizer spray bottle cleaner spray bottle

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Farbe: black and white yellow, color can be customized

Material: body HDPE, accessories PP

Spezifikation: 500ml

Verwendet: Suitable for photocatalysts, detergents, shower gels, cosmetics, etc..

Eigenschaften: Made of environmentally friendly raw materials, food-grade materials, you can use it with confidence

Verpackung: Karton oder Palette

Zertifikat: ISO

MOQ:5,000 Stck

Proben: frei

500ml HDPE cleaner spray bottle for a range of spray solutions, The hdpe material is safe and environmentally friendly, especially for food and beverage containers, as it does not soak into the contents of the bottle. Plus, hdpe is recyclable, making it an excellent choice for these highly disposable products.

HDPE disinfectant bottle is a plastic bottle used to store disinfectant. HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene and is a high-density plastic that offers excellent chemical resistance and durability. Due to its anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and anti-abrasion properties, HDPE disinfectant bottle is a kind of container widely used in medical institutions and laboratories. These bottles are usually clear to allow easy viewing of fluid levels and prevent dosing errors. Often also includes a seal that enables a tighter fit between the cap and the mouth of the bottle to prevent leaks and evaporation. When storing and using sanitizers, use HDPE sanitizer bottles for safety and sanitation.

It is a mature costmetic bottle ,Dieses Produkt wird in verschiedene Länder in Europa und Amerika verkauft und von den Verbrauchern begrüßt , Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, Wir können auch maßgeschneiderte Produkte für Sie herstellen. kleine bestellung ist möglich, warte auf dich .

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