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25oz Glass Kitchen Canisters with Airtight Bamboo Lid Glass Storage Jars

Kapazität: 25oz or Customize
Material: glass bottle and bamboo cap
Verwendung: Wasser, juice, Kaffee, milk and tea etc
Oberfläche: Deko/Heißprägung/Siebdruck/Etikettierung… individuell
Verpackung: Karton, dann Palette
Zertifikat: ISO
Proben: frei

Eigenschaften :

1、Bamboo Lid – Storage jars are very decorative: an attractive combination of bamboo and glass that turns your kitchen into a cozy place.
2、Sealed Closure – The sealing plug won’t let oxygen or bacteria in. In the jar, your food stays fresh, aromatic and delicious.
3、Suitable for Plastics – Food containers can replace plastic bags and containers in the kitchen. Thanks to strengthened borosilicate glass, our containers are extremely durable and resistant to low/high temperatures.
4、Kapazität: We offer many sizes (750ml – 2000ml – Customize)

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