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Maßgeschneiderte braune 5-ml-10-ml-Parfümflasche, Probensprühflasche

Mini-Parfüm-Glasflasche , , ,

This brown glass spray bottle can be filled with toner or moisturizing spray, and sprayed when the skin feels dry.

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Kapazität: 5ml 10ml or Customize perfume bottle

Dichtungstyp:Threaded pressure spray

Material:high borosilicate glass bottle


1. This brown Sprühflasche aus Glas can be filled with toner or moisturizing spray, and sprayed when the skin feels dry. Great for use in the office.

2. There are many mosquitoes and small bugs in summer, and it is very annoying to be bitten accidentally. At this time, you can use this spray bottle to fill some toilet water to relieve itching.

3. I often like to go out, go to the beach to play in the water, go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise, and my skin will be tanned. After sun exposure, the skin often feels burning or even stinging. This is the time to spray the mist on your face for pain relief, and the anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients to repair sun damage. The small glass spray bottle can hold various liquids, such as Parfüm, Lotion, skin toner, moisturizing spray, hair spray, nourishing water, toilet water, etc.. Small glass spray bottles of different capacities are suitable for different people and different purposes,Gerne nachfragen!

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