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  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Name: Glass tube bottle with screw wood grain cover
  • Kapazität: 50ml/60ml/90ml/100ml/120ml/130ml/150ml/200ml/240ml/260m
  • Material: Pyrex-Borosilikatglas
  • Größe: 50ml-47mm(Durchmesser)x50mm(Höhe);60ml-47x60mm;90ml-47x70mm;100ml-47x80mm;120ml- 47x90mm;130ml-47x100mm;150ml-47x120mm;200ml-47x150mm;240ml-47x180mm;260ml-47x200mm
  • Form: Zylindrisch
  • Deckel: Screw wood grain cover
  • Farbe der Flasche: Transparent/customize color coating(for moq 10,000pcs up)
  • Oberflächentextur: S/S, H/S, Etikettenaufkleber,Farbbeschichtung, single printing on cap, decorating firing,etc..
  • OEM:Probenverarbeitung, Markenanpassung
  • Pack: Karton mit Trennwand, Exportpalette
  • MOQ: Unterstützen Sie kleine Lagerbestellungen(1,000Stck), maßgeschneiderte Großaufträge
  • Proben: Frei, Sie müssen bei Bedarf die Express- oder Proofkosten tragen
  • Zertifikat: ISO GB/T 24694 Internationaler Exportstandard
  • Verwenden für: Suitable for bottling medicinal materials, Süßigkeiten, Tee, Parfüm, dried flowers, pills, Wein, etc..

Glass tube bottle with screw wood grain cover

JL Glass Co., Ltd

The subjected glass tube bottle is kind of multifunctional storage bottle, which is professional subpackage of medicinal materials, Süßigkeiten, Tee, Parfüm, dried flowers, pills, Wein, usw., robust und langlebig.

The tube is designed with high transparent glass to showcase the content inside, which is not only functional but also beautiful. You can choose from a variety of specifications to meet your different needs.

The screw wood grain cover adds a touch of elegance, perfect sealed and leak-proof ,which makes the bottle recyclable and convenient.

JL Glas is sincere to treat all the clients with more than 15 Jahre reiche Erfahrungen. The bottle is made of pyrex borosilicate glass. If a seller offers rates that are very cheap compared to market rates, it is most likely a scam. Please feel free to contact me, free samples will be sent to you to check.

  • Jenny Lee
  • 0086-15563788572 (WhatsApp/Telegram/WeChat)
  • sales4@glass-bottle.com jlglassbottle4@gmail.com

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