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Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

» Kosmetikflasche aus Glas

Galvanisierte Gold-/Silber-Kosmetiktropfer-Pressflasche für ätherische Öle und Gesichtscreme-Lotion-Glasflasche mit Blumenkorbdeckel

Kosmetikflasche aus Glas, Glasflasche mit ätherischen Ölen , , , ,
  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Volumen: 5ml/15ml/20ml/30ml/50ml/100ml or customized
  • Farbe: Electroplated Gold/Electroplated silver or customized
  • Dichtungstyp: Tropfer
  • Material: Glas
  • MOQ: 1,000Stck, 10,000Stück angepasst
  • Customization:Logo/Printing/Color

Product Overview:

This electroplated gold/silver round glass cosmetic essential oil bottle provides a luxurious and visually appealing packaging solution for liquid products in the beauty, skin care and aromatherapy industries. Its premium glass construction, stunning electroplated gold/silver color and convenient dropper cap make it ideal for brands looking for an elegant and sophisticated packaging aesthetic. Compact size and portability enhance its usability, while customization options allow for brand personalization. With its versatility and sustainability, Die Flasche provides a stylish and practical packaging solution for a variety of liquid formulations, meeting the needs of brands and consumers.

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