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Diffusorflasche aus Glas

» Diffusorflasche aus Glas

Lieferant für geprägte leere Diffusorflaschen 200 ml

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JL Glass has many years of experience in exporting glass bottles. we provide a wide range of products and accessories to enhance and personalize the design of spaces,we have a strong supply chain to help you source Diffuser Bottle.

  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Produktname: Diffuser Bottle 200ml
  • Volumen: 200ml
  • Größe: 6.3*12.5cm
  • Material: Kristallglas
  • Farbe : Transparent color or other color can be customized
  • Deckel: Cork stopper; polymer stopper
  • Maßgeschneidert: Sprühfarbe; Farbbeschichtung; Innen farbig beschichtet; etc..
  • OEM: Probenverarbeitung, Markenanpassung.
  • Verpackung: By standard export carton with partition, then plywood pallet.
  • Proben: Frei, Wir berechnen nur die Fracht oder nutzen Ihr Kurierkonto
  • Zertifikat: ISO GB/T 24694 Internationaler Exportstandard

The Embossed Empty Diffusorflasche 200ml is with a crystal rounded body that looks elegant and steady.You can customize a variety of color spray to make it look more atmospheric. You can place dried flowers in it, or leave it empty for a decorative effect.

With years of experience, we can adopt various techniques to manufacture high-quality and elegant glass diffuser bottles.

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