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High Borosilicate Glass Jar Kitchen Food Storage container with lid


Kapazität: 600ml 800ml 1000ml 1400ml 1800ml
Material: glass bottle and bamboo cap
Verwendung: Candy, Cookie, Rice, Sugar, Flour, Pasta, Nuts, etc..
Oberfläche: Deko/Heißprägung/Siebdruck/Etikettierung… individuell
Verpackung: Karton, dann Palette
Zertifikat: ISO
Bottle size 600ml : 9.6*10cm
Proben: frei


Eigenschaften :

It is made of high borosilicate glass, the bottle looks very bright, and reusable bamboo cap not only very environmentally friendly, but also with good sealing, you can load anything you can think of, they’ll make a great addition to your kitchen, and after you put them in a gift box, they will become an high-grade gift.

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