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Lebensmittelflasche aus Glas

» Lebensmittelflasche aus Glas

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Kapazität: 250ml, 8oz
Customization: Accept
High quality Glass
Decal printing/hot stamping/silk-screen printing/labeling… customized
standard carton;Geschenkbox;bunte Kiste; weiße Kiste;Paletten exportieren;besondere Anforderungen an die Verpackung,etc..
Zertifikat: ISO
1,000 Stk für fertig auf Lager;
Proben: frei


1. freeser safe: freeze capacity

2. easy clearn: wide mouth opening

3. thick wall: need not worry about breaking.

4. Multiple uses

Story about mason jar:

1. Der Mason cup, also known as the Mason bottle, is an airtight container that can be used to store food. Due to its fresh appearance, abundant size and strong plasticity, it has also gained many new uses. Mason bottles are separated from the bottle and the lid. The lid has one piece, two pieces and holes.

2. The Mason bottle was invented by John L in 1858. The original intention of the jar was to prolong the life of food, just like the way to preserve food at home by pickling vegetables and soy meat. If these pickled foods want to be preserved for a long time, they need a very good sealing container, so Mason bottle was invented. Thanks to its fresh appearance, size and versatility, Mason jars have spawned new uses for pickles, coffee cups, salads to carry to work, unique layered brownies, and even light bulbs, vases, potted plants, and bathroom storage kits.

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