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Volumen de la botella: 150ml

Lid style: plastic screw lid or wooden lid

Color: claro o personalización

Muestras: privide free samples for reference

OEM: Admite personalización de colores y logotipos.


Características de la botella:

Fragrance your home with your favorite essential oil blends using our refillable reed diffusers glass aromatherapy with black fiber sticks. The reed diffuser sticks absorb and diffuse the oil for lasting fragrance. These empty and refillable bottles can also be reused with different oils for your convenience.

Esta botella difusora high quality glass ensures durability and long lasting use. The clear glass also allows you to see how much oil is left in the reed diffuser bottles empty, perfect for aromatherapy use.

This bottle with plastic screw cap, you also can use wooden cap, it will be more environmentally friendly and looks more luxurious, which can increase brand value.


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