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tamaño: 50ml
Material: Vidrio de alta calidad
Tapa: Broche de presión en
Embalaje: Por caja de cartón y luego palé
MOQ: 1,000pcs
Muestras: gratis

Esta 50ml cylindrical glass aromatherapy bottle is a stylish and functional way to enjoy your favorite essential oils. It is made of high-quality glass that is durable and resistant to damage.

The bottle comes with a natural wood cap that adds a touch of warmth and naturalness to the container. Al mismo tiempo, the diffuser stick allows you to diffuse the essential oils conveniently, creating a refreshing and calming atmosphere.

With its small yet convenient size, this glass bottle is perfect for sampling different scents or for everyday use. It easily fits into a purse or travel bag, making it the perfect on-the-go fragrance accessory.

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