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Bottiglia Di Profumo Di Vetro

» Bottiglia Di Profumo Di Vetro

Fornitore di bottiglie di profumo in vetro vuoto personalizzato da 100 ml

Bottiglia Di Profumo Di Vetro , ,
  • Descrizione del prodotto

Nome del prodotto:100bottiglia di profumo ml

volume: 100ml

Materiale: bicchiere

Usi: Suitable for perfume, l'acqua di gabinetto, toner,

Superficie: Spruzzatura, stampa serigrafica, stampa a caldo, glassa, galvanica, argento caldo, eccetera.

A 100ml empty bottiglia di profumo di vetro is a staple for any perfume lover. Not only is it the perfect size for storing your favorite fragrance, but the glass material ensures that the scent remains fresh and undisturbed. The empty bottle can also be repurposed for DIY perfumes or essential oil blends.

When choosing a bottiglia di profumo, it is important to consider not only the size and material, but also the design. A beautiful perfume bottle can add an extra touch of luxury to your vanity table, while a simple and practical bottle can be taken on-the-go.

As for the perfume itself, there are endless options to choose from. Whether you prefer floral or musky scents, there is a perfume out there for everyone. And with the help of a 100ml empty glass perfume bottle, you can keep your signature scent close at hand and always smelling fresh.

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