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Diffusorflasche aus Glas

» Diffusorflasche aus Glas

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Produktname: glass aromatherapy bottle
Material: Glas
Höhe: 10.5cm
Durchmesser: 8.5cm
Gewicht: 250kg
Kapazität: 150ml
MOQ: 500Stck

Benefits of Using Aromatherapy
1. Improve environmental sanitation, remove peculiar smell, decompose second-hand smoke and purify the air.
2. Some aromatherapy raw materials can also enhance our resistance and prevent diseases.
3. Promote metabolism and breathe better and more smoothly.
4. Repel mosquitoes, antibacterial, and remove mites.
5. Soothe impetuousness, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, and feel better and happier.
6. Improve the respiratory tract, balance hormones and activate cells

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