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Schnapsflasche aus Glas

» Schnapsflasche aus Glas

  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Produktname: Glass Test Tube Wine Bottle
  • Kapazität: 50ml; 100ml; or can be customized 30ml; 40ml; 50ml; 60ml; 150ml; 200ml; etc.
  • Material: Glas
  • Größe: 50ml-D:26mm*H: 150Millimeter; 100ml-D: 29mm*H: 215Millimeter
  • Gewicht: 50ml: 42g/Stk; 100ml: 78g/Stk
  • Farbe: Transparent or other color can be customized
  • Form: Runden
  • Verwendung: Verpackung
  • MOQ: 50ml and 100ml in stock;
  • Customized cover: MOQ: 30,000Stck;
  • Custoimzed color: MOQ: 50,000Stck
  • LOGO: Acceptable Customized Logo

Das Weinflasche aus Glas is our patented product, and the bottle mouth adopts a unique patented design; Its remarkable heat resistance allows for safe disinfection and heating. The perfect choice for beverage samples, red wine, and oral liquids. Discover the versatility of this bottle’s capacities and enhance your product presentation and storage.

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