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Diffusorflasche aus Glas

» Diffusorflasche aus Glas

  • Produktbeschreibung

Flaschenvolumen: 200ml

Kappentyp: cork cap

Glasmaterial: hohes weißes Glas

MOQ: grundsätzlich auf Lager haben, small order quantity are acceptable

OEM: we can support color or logo customize

Probe: we provide free sample


Diffuser bottle specifications:

This high-white Diffusorflasche aus Glas is definitely a high-end product. It is very bright and reflects the light of the surrounding environment well. The surface is very smooth, comfortable to touch, and very easy to clean.

Das diffuser glass bottle can also be sprayed with any color you like, which is very personalized. Zusätzlich, its can print logos of various shapes, which are very fine. Insgesamt, it is a very functional, beautiful and high-quality Glasflasche.


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