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10ml Clear Glass Spray Perfume Bottle

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10ml Clear Glass Spray Perfume Bottle

Name: perfume bottle
Size: 8*4*2.8cm
MOQ: 300 pcs
Capacity: 10ML
Material: glass bottle body + anodized aluminum nozzle
Uses: perfume, essential oil, disinfectant, reagent, essence, alcohol, high-end perfume, lotion, air freshener, etc.
Product details:
1. The bottom of the bottle is round and smooth, and the bottom of the oval bottle is thickened, which is not easy to break, stable and stable when placed on the table.
2. The bayonet fit is not easy to leak and has good sealing performance
3. The spray head is detachable, press the spray head, and the fine mist spray head has a wide atomization area and no dripping

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