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Volume: 3.3 oz/100ml
Raw Material: Glass
Cap: Diffuser ring
Craft: Silk printing/hot stamping/labeling/deco. and soon on.
Mini Quantity: 2,000 pcs
Samples: We can provide free samples.

The 100ml Boston round glass aromatherapy bottle features a beautiful pink gradient design on the smooth glass body and comes with an eye-catching milk texture resin aromatherapy cap with a unique.

The stylish and versatile design can add decoration and highlights to any occasion such as the home office or public space.

We can also be equipped with rattan aromatherapy sticks, providing a perfect way to release the subtle fragrance of your favorite essential oils.

Contact: Emilia Gao (sales1@baolinglass.com)
Whatsapp/We Chat/TEL: 0086 132 8003 8506

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