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Creative face art vase decoration living room flower arrangement porch dining table glass decoration Nordic crafts

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Product style: Brown size / Ash size /Transparent size / Frosted size
Product material: Glass
Product technology: Pure Handmade
MOQ: 300 pcs
Product size: 9*24/11.5*31
Applicable:Living room, Bedroom, Study, Dining table, Entrance, etc.
Product Description:
1. The flower utensils full of artistic flavor seem to have ever-changing faces, full of distinctive personalities, presenting a variety of styles, interesting shapes and textures, and the more people look at them, the more charming they are
2. Give the decorative life a sense of freshness, place it alone or arrange flowers to show the atmosphere of artistic life. It can be placed on the table or visited on the ground, so that the air is full of vitality
3. Hand-blown, meticulously polished, elegant at your fingertips, made of lead-free glass, extraordinary transparent material, the bottle is clear and transparent, beautiful and practical, safe to use

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