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Let’s see our history and grow up step by step

After two genernation and more than 20 years hard work, JL Glass has became a leading glass jar producer in glass industry, with more than 2000 types molds in stock and supply jar to more than 100 countries worldwide, and we had successfully be trustful supplier to some top level cosmetic and beverage brands in the world, we will continue in the technology’s innovation and quality control to make our jar in quality and affordable to most of the worldwide consumers.


2002: Our founder invest the first glass jar production line at Yanzhou city, which mainly supply to domestic wine factory.

2006: After years of growth, the company expands in USA and East Europe market targets for global marketing in wine and beverage bottle industry.

2014: JL Glass is creating shared value approach to business, and for further develop sustainable supply chains. While the business continues strengthening its position in traditional segments like the wine bottle, we also successfully produced perfume bottle, it also starts focusing on wine beverage and perfume bottles production.

2018: Alongside traditional market segments of wine and beverage, JL Glass continues to find new growth opportunities in healthcare. JL Glass also steps up its sustainablity aims, commetting to recyclable glass packs.

2019: our company invest us$1 M revise our fuel from coal to natural gas. Coal-to-gas conversion can reduce air pollution, help protect the quality of the air environment, and help improve people’s health, thereby improving the quality of the ecological environment. In addition, the conversion of coal to gas is also conducive to cost savings for enterprises. The efficient and convenient clean power generation of natural gas can help enterprises reduce energy costs and reduce pollutant emissions, which is conducive to the long-term development of enterprises.


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