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Glass Bottles Manufacturing Process

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Glass Bottles Manufacturing Process Flow Diagram

General Speaking, the manufacture of glass bottle mainly in four phases:

  • (1) preparation of raw material, e quartz sand, sodium sulfate or soda, chalk or limestone, dolomite and pegmatite (Vogel),
  • (2) melting in a furnace,
  • (3) forming by molds
  • (4) finishing into packing.

The technology of glass production from the beginning to the getting of the final product consists of large investments and a thorough knowledge of the chemical formulae of the manufacture. For large companies, these are the basic requirements. It is possible to obtain this material by using of two methods: the Fourcault process and the float glass process. The technology of the Fourcault process is based on rolling of hot glass mass through specially designed rollers.

Glass Bottles Process Flow Diagram

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