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Color Clear
Material Borosilicate Glass
Capacity 1/1.5/2/3 ML

The mini spray bottle is made of the latest glass material, solid glass ensures your use safety, refillable glass spray bottle looks great and is sturdy with a reliable squeeze trigger sprayer. Glass Bottle Atomizer Spray uniform dispersion.

Mini spray bottle, easy to carry perfect for storing some essential oils, perfume, makeup sprays, hairspray, mouthwash, and many many more. Refillable glass spray bottle. They are great for traveling, take them to the gym, on a date, or leave one in your car, at a party, on make-up, or use as perfume sample bottles.

Contact: Emilia Gao
Email: sales1@baolinglass.com
Tel/WhatsApp:+86 132 800 38 506

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