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100ml Customize airbag glass perfume bottle for fragrance oil packing

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Capacity:50ml、100ml or customize

Size :Diameter:7cm Height:10cm (Measurment by hand)

Material: High white glass

Surface: Spray color coating possible

Used for:Perfume、essential oil、Fragrance oil etc,


The advantage of the airbag perfume bottle is that it allows us to carry perfume more easily. A traditional perfume bottle

Usually relatively large and not very convenient to carry, while the air bag perfume bottle is very lightweight and can be used at any time

Use anywhere. In addition, the airbag perfume bottle can also make the use of perfume more environmentally friendly. tradition

The perfume bottle usually spews out too much perfume and leads to waste, while the airbag perfume bottle can

Reduce waste by controlling the amount of perfume sprayed according to our needs.

As a professional glass perfume bottle,we can produce various of kinds shape and capacity you need,,welcome send us your inquiry ,we will send more details to you,wait you,

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