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Volume: 30ml 、Customize
Made of :  High white Glass + Elec-Aluminum spray pump +Plastic cap
Lid: Aluminum lid
Surface: Deco/hot stamping/silk printing/labeling… customized
Packing: Carton then  pallet


  • Airbags on the bottle can be decorated with beautiful, easy to use, fashionable.Small atomizer orifice for reducing the waste of perfume and making spray finer.

  • Airbag perfume bottle is a relatively new product, the air bag supporting the perfume bottle, with only a twist to make the spray nozzle on the thinner and more scattered.

  • The mini perfume spray bottle is small and light enough to be in your pocket or handbag, making you enjoy wonderful fragrance every moment.

  • The  High quality glass bottle for perfume Pineapple shaped airbag perfume bottle, high quality, good spray effect.it has 50ml 、100ml  two capacity,with the plastic 、aluminum cap and aluminum spray

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