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Product name: bayonet mountain bottom perfume bottle
Capacity: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml
Bottle weight: 176g/227g/327g
Material: glass
Uses: perfume, essential oil, disinfectant, reagent, essence, alcohol, high-end perfume, air freshener, etc.
1. Press the spray head, the fine mist nozzle has a wide atomization area and is not easy to splash
2. Beautiful bottle cap, bottle bottom shape, better aesthetic expression
3. The bottle body is upside down and has strong airtightness, and the thoughtful bottle mouth design has good airtightness and is more reassuring to carry
4. A variety of capacities to meet different needs
5. Glass material, simple bottle design, high-quality raw materials, light weight, pressure resistance and not easy to break, smooth surface, shiny and transparent

As a professional glass bottle manufacturer and supplier, we can customize produce clients’ own shape bottle, welcome inquiry us any time.we also have candle jar, cosmetic set, wine bottle, food storage jar, perfume bottle, if you are developing your new product, you can send me your idea, I can customize your bottle and jar!

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