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4oz 120ml Empty Square Glass Spice Jars Glass Bottle

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This 4oz spice jar is widely used in kitchen, JL Glass also can custom make clients own shaped jars, welcome inquiry us by email.

  • Product Description

Jar Specification:
Material: Glass Bottle+Plastic Shaker+Caps
Lid: Plastic Shaker+Caps
Size : 1.7 in/4.3cm*4.1in/10.5cm
Capacity: 4 ounce / 120ml, others volume also is possible for custom production.
Bottle Color: Transparent Glass

Our square glass spice jars are great for organizing drawers, seasoning, storing spices, salt, pepper, herbs, DIY projects. They are suitable for kitchen spice racks, cabinets, organizers, drawers. The lid of the glass spice jar is aluminum, keeping the seal airtight, ensuring that your food stuff is sealed and stored healthy and safely, and the lid will not rust, maintaining the original appearance.

JL Glass is professional glass jar manufacturer in China, we already produced various types of spice jars, welcome inquiry us to make your own shaped spice jar or kitchen use glass containers.

Contact: Emilia
Email: sales1@glass-bottle.com     JLGlassbottle1@gmail.com
Whatsapp:+86 132-8003-8506

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